Private Event Rental:

The entire bar will be closed to public for your event.

70 People Maximum. Ages 21 and over. Strictly enforced.

Price is $2900(8.75% sales tax not added yet) + 18%($520) Gratuity.

Includes 280 Drink/Food tickets (4 tickets a person). You may distribute among your guest at your discretion or you can have us do it for you ala open bar style. Tickets can be redeemed for food and alcohol. 1 ticket per item. Dumpster Fire requires 4 tickets and Carne Asada Fries requires 2 tickets.. (Excludes Top Shelf and Premium. Don Julio 1942, Johnny Walker Blue Label, Macallan, etc..)

*Tickets are non transferable, carry no monetary value and only valid on the day of the event.


Menu can be found here:



PLEASE NOTE: Food orders are taken and paced 10 items every for 20 minutes so that we may be able to effectively serve ours guests in and efficient and timely manner.


You or your guests may open their own tabs if tickets run out or you may purchase additional tickets in increments of 10.

A minimum of 3 weeks in advance required for all reservation request and a $520 cash or zelle deposit is due within 7 calendar days from when the reservation was made. The deposit will be applied to the 18% gratuity. Additional information will be emailed to you when your request has been approved.

The balance is due at the beginning when you or your party arrives.

*The last day for cancellation is 7 calendar days prior to the date of your event. After which the deposit becomes non refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Event hours can be between 6:00PM - 12:00AM. Food service stops at 10PM. Last call for alcohol is 11:45PM.

Venue will be closed to public and wristbands/hand stamps will be given to your guests.


The following are allowed during your event but must be cleared with us first:

Outside food.

DJ music.


(All of the above are allowed as long as we have given the OK and they do not interfere with normal business operations or can potentially damage the building's interior or pose a threat to guest safety. You are responsible for the removal and cleaning of all decorations and equipment at the end of the event.)


*We have a list of trusted DJ's we can recommend upon request

**Barcode and it's employees reserve the right to terminate the private event or have guests exit the building if we feel that they are a detriment to themselves, the guests or property.


Please check for availability and select the date using the calendar below.

Dates in red denotes that they are currently booked and not available.

Only 1 event per week. If there is an existing event on the same week your request will not be approved.

We will only accept reservation requests 3 weeks in advance.

You will receive an email confirmation if your reservation request is received and and second email when it is approved.

By submitting your reservation request you and your party are in agreement with the terms outlined here on this page.


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