Barcode Private Event Rental Options and Guidelines:

  1. Sunday - Wednesday (Non Holiday): (Closed to public. 5 Hour Block) $2200 food & alcohol purchase minimum + 18% Gratuity.
  2. Thursday - Saturday (Non Holiday): (Closed to public. 5 Hour Block) $2700 food & alcohol purchase minimum + 18% Gratuity (not included).
  3. Sunday - Wednesday (Closed to public. 5pm -8pm): $900 food & alcohol purchase minimum + 18% Gratuity (not included).
  4. Thursday - Saturday (Closed to public. 5pm -8pm): $1400 food & alcohol purchase minimum + 18% Gratuity (not included).

A non refundable venue fee of $250 is required to hold the date. This must be in the form of check or cash.

Reservation, deposit and a signed agreement must be made 2 weeks prior to your event and food order submitted 1 week prior.


How it works:

1: We will hold a credit card on file at the beginning of the event. (This is the card that will be charged once your party meets the required minimum amount listed above). Please note: The minimum amount is prior to tax AND does not include the required 18% gratuity.

2: A tab/bill will be kept running until your party has met the required minimum through the purchases alcohol throughout the night. Your submitted food order will be added to the bill. You may also order more food during the event. You may give out drink tickets or have it as "open bar" format.

3: Food will be served "buffet" style.

4: We will keep you updated throughout the night of the current balance.

5: If the minimum dollar amount listed above is not met at the end of the event, the remaining balance will be charged so that it is met.

6: Payment accepted is cash or credit card only. No exceptions


*Packages 1 and 2: The bar will be closed to public for 5 hours. You can choose to start your time slot between 5pm - 8pm

*Packages 3 and 4: The bar will be closed to public for 3 hours. Time starts at 5pm.

After your time block ends Barcode will open to public.

The maximum capacity for Barcode is 75 people.

Signs will also be posted signifying that a private event is in progress and wristbands will be given out.

Last call for alcohol service is 1:30am

Minimum age is 21

All videogame consoles will be set up for your enjoyment.

You may hire a DJ or Photobooth as long as they are insured and licensed.

Documenation is required.

Decorations are allowed as long as they do interfere with restaurant operations, compromise safety or permanently damage restaurant property. You must also properly dispose of them at the end of the event.

You are financially responsible for any theft or damage incurred, caused by any or all guests/invitees and parties in attendance of the private event.




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